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After Seeing These Engagement Photos, You’ll Be Happy You’re Single!!

This woman who’s marrying a ghost.

This attempt to kill grandma.

This exercise in minimal garden design.

These human hamsters.

This one to show the kids.

This couple who found a good time to prepare for the apocalypse.

This attempt to prove that size doesn’t matter.

This snapshot of a couple who couldn’t be bothered to look behind them.

This trashy engagement.

These aspiring softcore porn actors.

This lesson that old trends die hard.

This extremely sensual moment.

This proof that sometimes stalking is the way to her heart.

This proof that love really does lift you up (and up, and up).

This happy moment.

This lesson in time management.

This couple who bit off more than they could chew.

This evidence that photographers are severely underpaid.

This couple who have strongly differing opinions on leaves.

CSI’s biggest fans.

These future models for Knitting Monthly.

This living Photoshop disaster.

This couple who ate too many balloons.

NYPD Evicts Homeless Man From Manhattan Bridge

But, recently it has been used for something other than transportation.

Surprisingly, there are people living in this structure, hidden in the support beams.

A man was spotted climbing a chain link fence to a very small area…

Between the upper deck and the subway and bike lines, there is a very small space.