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19 More People Who Are Having A Way Worse Day Than You

Anyone that started their modeling career during a rough storm:

Anyone who lost to themselves while arm wrestling:

Anyone caught crumpin’ way too close to a treadmill:

Anyone who had to do a tandem trust fall:

Anyone who just discovered they had superpowers at the WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT:

Anyone who has a yo-yo with a vendetta:

Anyone on this boat:

Anyone who got mad at a defenseless old sign:

Anyone who was going to jump on this trampoline after this lady:

Anyone who doesn’t know the layout of this convenience store:

Anyone who is best friends with a juggler:

Anyone who did the cinnamon challenge:

Anyone whose friend invented a toilet paper gun:

Anyone who decided to start working out again today:

Anyone looking to get lucky with random people on the Internet:

Anyone trying to break the sound barrier today:

Anyone who is trying to be Captain America:

Anyone whose friend wears a flat-brimmed hat:

And Lindsay Lohan:

Source: Buzzfeed